About FirstEnergy Solutions Corp.

FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. is a leading energy supplier, serving residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout the Northeast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S.

Based in Akron, Ohio, FirstEnergy Solutions is a competitive subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp., the nation's largest investor-owned electric utility, and the unregulated affiliate of The Ohio Edison Company, The Toledo Edison Company, The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, Pennsylvania Electric Company, Metropolitan Edison Company, Pennsylvania Power Company, West Penn Power Company, Jersey Central Power & Light, Monongahela Power Company, and The Potomac Edison Company

FirstEnergy Solutions offers a wide range of energy and energy-related products and services to wholesale and retail customers, including the generation and sale of electricity and energy planning and procurement.

FirstEnergy Solutions supplies electricity to millions of customers in Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and manage the energy and procurement needs for over 120,000 businesses.

To learn more about FirstEnergy Solutions Corp., visit http://www.fes.com/.

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